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Thursday’s with Alice

Every thursday at 6pm I get really excited. No matter how tired I am that day or how rainy it is outside, at 6pm every thursday, all things crummy fade away. Why? Because I get to head to the gym to train one of my most favorite clients, Alice.

While we both admittedly drag ourselves  into the gym and it’s clear that we are pretty physically tired, when we see eachother and start our session the mood shifts because we start every conversation with what happened last week that we good. We’ll talk about some things that didn’t go so well but we never spend too much time there, and we always come back to what’s good – we’re both committed to appreciating the great things in life and putting our focus there, instead of on negative things.

Alice is an older lady by age but an incrediblyyoung spirit with a ton of gumption. She teaches me her life lessons and what’s important, and I teach her about all things health, nutrition, and wellness. She has more energy then anyone I have ever met (besides my mom) and gets so excited when she learns something new. She is sharp as a nail, positive as can be, truly values genuine people, the little things and exercise endorphins. And my god does she ever work hard! – I tell her we are doing 15 reps, she does 20, I tell her we are walking for 10 mins, she walks for 15, I tell her we are holding a plank for 30 seconds, she holds it for one minute – she is quite the athlete and never says no to trying something new.

I’m telling you this because Alice has had a huge impact on my life – my ‘Tuesday’s with Morrie’ are ‘Thursday’s with Alice.’ I’ve learned so much from her from just simply listening and feeding off her positive energy. I hope you have someone in your life that is chalk full of wisdom and who brightens up your week, better yet, your every day – maybe it’s a grandparent, a parent, a friend and I encourage you take a little extra time to just listen to their stories and thoughts. Although the most profound learning comes from feeling and doing, there is so much to soak up from those that have been around the block (I believe kids and everyone in between can teach us a great deal as well but I’ll save my thoughts on that for another blog post!).

Sun bathe in the rays of their wisdom. It’s priceless.

I am grateful Alice is in my life, she makes me better.

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