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Is your success getting in your way?

Something that someone said yesterday got the wheels turning: “success can be one of your worst enemies” – what? I needed to hear more because something wasn’t clicking…then the explanation came – if you are successful today, doing what you are doing, what is motivating you to embrace change and take it to the next level? To be even greater tomorrow? The ‘aha moment’ kicked in. This statement came from a discussion with a CEO about what differentiates those companies that continue to survive and thrive to those that succeed, get comfortable there, and than envitably die off. The latter see success as the end point, a point at which the relaxing or letting-up starts, instead of an achievement on the way to greater success. With a full appreciation that the definition of success will mean something different for everyone, it’s interesting that this same thinking can be applied to people.  Ask yourself: If I’ve achieved success in my life (in any area), what is the next level and how do I get there?

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