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Deepak Chopra on Becoming a Leader

Came across an article yesterday from one of the greats – Deepak Chopra – where he shares his wisdom on what a leader is, who becomes one and how to become one. It was too good not to share!

“A great leader is an agent of change who has clarity of visions and knows how to make that vision a reality. Such a person comes from a level of core consciousness, which is what we call the soul. Great leaders take time every day to reflect. they ask themselves meaningful questions. They are conscious of what they are observing. They’re feeling what is needed and know how to fulfill those needs.”

“I believe that everyone can be a great leader. You have got to want to be one. Only people who have the desire to become great leaders will become great leaders. It is a self-selecting process.”

He described steps to becoming a great leader using the acronym below (which he expands on in his new book The Soul of Leadership).

L – Listen and Look: observe without judgement. Use your senses and your heart.


E – Emotional Connection: recognize your emotions. Develop insights into your needs.


A – Awareness: who are you? what do you want? inspire others to ask themselves, too.


D – Do: take responsibility for promises you have made. Offer others the right example.


E – Empowerment: be open to feedback, but don’t let compliments or criticism rule you.


R – Responsibility: take responsible risks. Live according to your values.


S – Synchronicity: know when it is the right moment to act and take advantage of meaningful coincidences. 

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