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$300mil and 5 years, what would you do?

Here’s a fun little exercise that a friend and I challenged each other to do a while ago that helped get us out of our current head space and into a hyper-motivated creative space; we called it playing with possibility. It’s only one of many exercises in the whole life-design process (and there are many versions). Ultimately it’s kind of like creating a bucket list but with a shorter time frame. Give it a go….get out a piece of paper and a pen and make a list of 30,40,50+ things you would do if you had $300mil and 5 years. Don’t think too much, just start writing, so I did…
  1. Write at least one best-selling book
  2. Create and present a seminar/workshop series on doing university debt-free on your own
  3. Become a professional speaker and sell out at least 10 events
  4. Present at a TED conference
  5. Create a global foundation whose vision is to foster an experiential learning environment that teaches youth about goals, visualization, holistic life design, possibility and ultimately builds their confidence as the creators of their own lives
  6. Live in an Ashram in India for at least 3 months
  7. Build a home in Vancouver, California and one exotic place – being able to see the sunrise, sunset, and ocean is a must
  8. Expand my success library…substantially…and build a large room in my house dedicated for it that is hooked up with all the latest tools and gagets to facilitate learning in various forms – visual, audio, kinesthetic etc. etc.
  9. Go Sky Diving
  10. Pay off my siblings student loans 
  11. Fund my parents alternative cancer treatment wellness center
  12. Have a tea and chat with Oprah
  13. Have a tea and chat with the Dalai Lama
  14. Have a tea and chat with Richard Branson
  15. Have a tea and chat with Deepak Chopra
  16. Earn my black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  17. Find  at least 5 people a year that have tremendous potential (that probably don’t recognize the potential they have) and dedicate quality time and resources to helping them realize and capitalize on it. Believing in someone, and letting them know it, is a truly amazing gift.
  18. Completely “unplug” for at least one month each year
  19. Complete 20, 30 day challenges
  20. Help as many people as I can complete their list of goals and ambitions
  21. Show up at the airport and buy the next plane ticket out – go on a spontaneous vacation
  22. Start and grow a passive income generating business and then coach others to do the same
  23. Be financially free
  24. Create a global Gen-Y Mastermind Group that is connected to the most influential and brilliant business leaders/mentors in the world
  25. Buy a new car
  26. Fly a plane
  27. Create a viral Youtube video
  28. Read a new book every week
  29. Chat our family lineage with my mom to better understand where I came from
  30. Fund at least two philanthropic causes I am passionate about
  31. Help revolutionize the current education system and redefine what it means to educate and learn
  32. Give a talk on the parallels between sport and business
  33. Become an online marketing maverick
  34. Make meditation a daily practice
  35. Complete a 10 day silent meditation retreat
  36. Learn to salsa dance
  37. Learn to speak Spanish
  38. Connect with the most brilliant minds on the planet and influence the new paradigm of business


We then shared our lists with each other (so we could hold eachother accountable to playing big). The really cool thing is that after I made my list I realized that I don’t actually need $300mil or 5 years to do the alot of the things on it. You might feel the same way about your list. The next step was to outline specific actionable goals for each one, we called it playing with creationGiddy Up! 🙂

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