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Being honest with fear – the real innovator is scared to death


Your heart knows what you really want and who you are even when you’re mind creates resistance because of fear. Your heart plays in the space of possibility and ever so cleverly shows you glimpses of what you desire (via a gut feeling, a sign, a question, a new thought, an intuition, a shift in perspective etc.) until you are ready to see the whole picture. At the same time, your mind creates doubt because it maybe (likely) doesn’t quite know how it will all unfold, what will happen next, what others will think…[enter whatever it is that holds you back]. Fear is important however, it keeps us alert, aware, curious. It’s important until it becomes a paralyzing habit.
Anybody who has ever done anything great, stepped into their calling, taken the road less traveled,  or danced with creation has at one time (and multiple times) asked themselves at least one of: Am I cut out for this? Am I qualified to do this? Should I be doing this? If I fail will I bounce back? Crap, am I going to figure this one out? Am.I.Ready?
The meeting place where the exhilarating realization and declaration of your true strengths and desires comes face to face with fear is the birth place of greatness. The question is, which direction do you move?
The divine Danielle LaPorte might call this being on your own leading edge; this is where the inevitable answer to the above questions is a resounding, Yes. Where the fear of not moving forward is greater than the fear of uncertainty.
While we’re getting honest here: fear of uncertainty showed up in a big way in my early 20’s. Not learning and growing still scared me more so I would move forward but, a lot of the time, if/when I had a (or multiple) safety net(s) giving me a (false) sense of control over what might happen. I don’t think the fear of uncertainty ever completely goes away (nor should it actually because, for me any way, it’s a sure signal of change and growth and can be a great trigger for creativity) but I know that when plagued with fear we have a choice – hide or rise and I know that intentionally experiencing it over and over brings greater understanding and awareness – the more I surrender to the reality that nothing is certain and let that breath itself into every cell in my body, the more I realize that, well, the safety nets I used for refuge are a false reality as well…release. This doesn’t mean I still don’t have my fair share of oh sh*t moments and organizing of contingency plans, it’s just that I better understand and accept fear as an important part of the journey, I better understand that our quality of life is largely influenced by how comfortable we are with uncertainty, I better understand that exponential growth happens when we let go and allow ourselves to explore the unknown (as uncomfortable as it can be at times, my most profound learning moments have been born in this space), I better understand that fear will stop us from being and creating our greatest masterpiece if we choose to let it, I better understand that the only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain, and I better understand that we are our own safety net. You will find a way.
So to the [creators, artists, visionaries, innovators, storytellers…] in this world who continue to feel the fear and do it any way, a bow of admiration and gratitude to you for blazing trails. You’re the real deal.
**If you want a good kick in the ass (in the best way possible wrapped in a box of love and truth) check out Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions.

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