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Change: It’s a love/hate relationship (but mostly love)

IMG_256234106229295Change/a transition/starting something new/taking a leap can often bring out a side of us that can be foreign to who we think we are. We may fumble, feel unsure, unclear, overwhelmed, scattered (maybe leave the remote in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard…just me? As in, I’m the only one who still uses a remote? yeeahh). Anyways, maybe we take two steps back before we move forward. Maybe we feel confused because our normal self is assertive, on it, one step ahead. Don’t worry, you’re not alone…
The chaos is part of the transition process. I promise. And when things get hard it’s easy to throw up our hands and say “I’ve had enough” and retreat back to what’s comfortable right before the break through happens. We often waste time and energy resisting the process, instead of letting things unfold, ready to catch the pieces as they fall. Resist evolving into the next level of ourselves, instead of letting our self-plateauing identity fade away. Hang on to our comfortable surroundings instead of letting the limiting elements in our environment (be it certain people, a job, a relationship, an asset etc.) go, so we can level up.
The questions I try to always ask myself at this breaking point, in the thick of the chaos, right when it seems like it’s too much is: Who am I choosing to be when things get hard? do I hide? or do I rise? If I had just 2% more courage right now and truly believed that things will work out as they always have, what would I do?
Though it may seem so at the time, the storm never lasts forever, that’s not the way things flow, but it will test you. A lot. And it will teach you. A lot. Remember, things will settle right when they need to. Clouds will part just when you think you’ve had enough. Someone will throw you a rope just in the nick of time. So hang in for the ride. It’s worth it because it’s a sure sign that you are growing. You might arrive on other side with scrapes, bruises, and dirt all over your face but you’ll be stronger than you ever imagined. And that my friend, is exciting.
I read a quote last night that really resonated, “When we take one step toward the universe, it takes ten steps toward us” (Dharma Singh Khalsa). We just have to have the courage to take that first step, keeping in mind that…
“It’s suppose to be hard. If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” (Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own)
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