profile pic_watermelonAbove everything else, if I’m not growing, I’m dying. If curiosity really did kill the cat than I should have been gone ages ago because I approach every situation and personal interaction with the mindset of What can I learn here? How can I help move it forward or make it better? How can I connect more? How can I listen for understanding and for what’s not being said? This has lead to some amazing human moments and a growing bank of lessons and learnings.
I believe that one of the most incredible and empowering gifts we are given is the power of choice; we choose our attitude, how we show up for ourselves and for others, who we surround ourselves with, and what opportunities we seek and take on; therefore, when we choose something, for better or for worse, it (or they) deserves our best. Things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows nor are they always grey and rainy but it’s who we choose to be in the moments of darkness and the moments of greatness that build our character. And there’s a lesson to be learned, always.
I believe in peoples’ potential to be great and that mindset is everything. Understanding the art, science and psychology of business, human behavior and self-leadership drives me. Living my greatest life drives me. Helping you live your greatest life drives me. Sometimes we just need a little help getting out of our own way. 
I believe in the power of story. Everyone has one and instead of hiding from our own we should embrace the experiences, triumphs,  mistakes and moments that have made us who we are and who we are becoming. Your greatest gift to the world is who you truly are.
From varsity sport, to travelling the world, to real-to-the-core conversations that leave you completely inspired, to being on stage, to experiencing the creative process, to filling the page with the breathing’s of my heart (aka writing), to filling my mind with the collective wisdom of others (aka reading), to crumbling away untruths that don’t serve me, to learning and to unlearning, to making mistakes and dusting myself off, I’m taking in everything that this life has to offer and choose to tread my path with “all in” as my mantra.
BUT more important than anything else is that at the end of each day, I am just grateful…Sunset Thaliand
  • I was never told there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do, I am extremely grateful for that.
  • I succeed (and fail to) because I constantly set goals that push my boundaries, for that I am grateful.
  • I’m grateful for my time at Mindvalley where I got to work with an amazing group of people to help bring the Mindvalley Academy to the world.
  • I am a life-long learner. I am grateful for my curiosity and courage to ask questions.
  • My life has been a wild and exciting ride so far and I am grateful for that.
  • I am grateful to have practiced martial arts for years as a kid where I learned to live and breath these 5 tenants: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. I’ve added Loyalty to the list.
  • I am grateful for my love and involvement in elite level team sport for 10 years and the disciplined and audacious person it has made me.
  • I am grateful to have backpacked SE Asia and experience a different part of the world, it’s beautiful out there (both the places and the people).
  • I love public speaking (while others would choose death over it), and I am grateful for that.
  • I have the most amazing friends and family, for that I am forever grateful.
  • I am grateful that you have stopped by my blog, it’s so great to meet you! I can’t wait to hear your story!
I’m building my character, feeding my drive, and creating my life. How can I help you in your journey?



Canucks Fitness Assessment Team

Read on to hear more of my story…

My roots: I grew up in a small town in British Columbia Canada playing outside, skiing, riding motor bikes, riding horses, camping and was the only girl on an all boys baseball team for years. My single mom/entrepreneur/superwoman raised three of us rug rats and life wasn’t super easy by any means but there’s no pitty party here; my mom is an angel, a ball of energy, and the biggest ray of love I’ve ever met. I am grateful that we choose each other.

Something Different: I competed in Jazz Band where I played the Flute, Saxophone and Piccolo.  I had my first solo when I was 14 years old infront of a crowd of around 400 people. Terrifying and Exciting.

Sports: I played a variety of sports growing up but volleyball was where I excelled the most.  I played on the BC provincial team for 2 years. I was the first person to receive a full athletic scholarship out of my high school and went on to play at the NCAA Div 1 U of Texas in my first year of university. While I was there I earned a starting spot as a freshman setter on a team of veterans (there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition right?! 🙂  …..me and the 4th year setter at the time are still friends to this day). I then came back to Canada and finished my volleyball career playing at UBC for 3 years. I was voted Captain of the team for 5 out of the 6 teams I have played on throughout my career.

Formal education: I am a proactive student and take responsibility for my learning. I graduated from The University of British Columbia at the top of my program with a degree in Kinesiology and Business. I was also selected top 5 out of 45,000 as a candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship. Recently, I completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship and International Business where I graduated top of my class and won The Entrepreneurship Award.

Informal education: Probably more important than any of the above is that I’m also a proactive student of life. It’s a never ending journey.

Work: I got my international personal training certification (Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and started my own personal training company right after my bachelors degree and ran with it. I loved my clients and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives. As a health and fitness professional some of my highlights have been working with the Vancouver Canucks as part of an amazing fitness assessment team and also lecturing at UBC to senior level Kinesiology students. 

My work after that has taken make forms; I’ve worked as a leadership development specialist helping to align two companies around leadership, strategy and performance during a major merger/acquisition. I’ve worked in online marketing and business to help bring a platform for the most successful personal growth products in the industry to the world. I’ve worked with a Fortune500 company on international expansion plans, I’ve done a business plan and marketing strategy for a first to market unique business, and I’ve helped a company set up an internal change management center of excellence. The red threads are change, growth, strategy, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

 Travelling: I’ve traveled all over the US, backpacked SE Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia) for 5 months in 2009, traveled to India and Dubai in 2012 and also lived/worked in Malaysia for 4 months in 2012 as well. There isn’t enough space here to share all the lessons I learned but let’s just say stepping outside my countries walls has changed the way I perceive myself, the world, and my place in it.

Giving back: I volunteer whenever I find something that really resonates with me or that will help others succeed.

Kids and Sport: Currently, I volunteer with Motionball: Special Olympics BC  and am part of THE most incredible team helping to raise money for the Special Olympics Canada through the 6 Degrees Gala. I volunteered with Right to Play (the UBC Chapter) while I was in school. I also volunteer as a volleyball coach throughout the lower mainland.

Helping those who have less: I volunteer with an initiative called Beauty Nights Vancouver which is a program set up to help marginalized women and youth in the downtown east side of Vancouver.

Business:  I am part of an amazing team for the UBC Athletics Alumni Chapter and also with the Marketing Association of BC where I help with the Marketer of the Year Gala.

Helping others and sharing stories: I am a mentor in the Toastmasters International program, a presenter/mentor at a BCIT Leadership Forum, a Business Delegate for UBC’s Me Inc. Conference, a workshop presenter for the UBC Student Leadership Conference, and a storyteller for the 2013 XYBOOM Conference.

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