Last weeks random acts of kindness

Appreciating the little things and confirming the inherent goodness in people, one observed random act of kindness at a time…. ONE: When I was at the gym last week, after I had finished the class I was doing, the guy behind me randomly came up to both me and the person beside me, grabbed our weights, and put them back for us – unexpected, unessecary,… Continue reading Last weeks random acts of kindness

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What great managers do differently.

Have you ever worked for a manager where you didn’t feel that your strengths were being recognized or used? or that your opinion didn’t matter that much? or maybe you felt that you were placed in a box and judged based on what you had accomplished in the past and not what you have the potential to create in the future? I’ve worked… Continue reading What great managers do differently.

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Do you have a Duchenne smile?

Have you ever seen someone and right away couldn’t help but notice how fantastic their smile was? Their whole face warmed up as they portrayed a genuine spontaneous emotion, like happiness or joy. You don’t know what it is but you felt that they were honest and trustworthy –> All of that from just one smile!!  Now think of a time when you saw someone smile who had more… Continue reading Do you have a Duchenne smile?

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What price have you paid?

I recently read this blog post by Chris Flett (GhostCEO and successful entrepreneur) where he talks about the price he paid to get what he wanted and where he wanted to be. He finishes with… “Have you paid the price for what you want to do? If so, what was the price? If not, what’s holding you back?”   This resonated with… Continue reading What price have you paid?

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I love these 3 words. I’ve been hearing them a lot lately (like a lot!) and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because they are just so ridiculously awesome they can’t be avoided! and after being on the HR panel at the Style and the City Conference last week (put on by UBC’s Sauder School of Business) where… Continue reading Authenticity.Courage.Vulnerability.

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Should goals be HARD not SMART?

For years I’ve been taught (in highschool, university and in the workplace) that setting SMART goals is the best way – goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. While I agree that yes, goals should be Specific, Measurable and Timely…are the Achievable and Realistic actually parts holding us back??? I recently read a study done by the Leadership IQ Consultancy where… Continue reading Should goals be HARD not SMART?

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Lessons from one of the worst-turned-best compliments of my life.

I had a chance this weekend to reflect on my backpacking travels in SE Asia and a few of the many lessons I learned. I want to share two that I learned while in Bali on Kuta beach that have greatly impacted my life since and perhaps might impact yours. For those that have never been to Kuta Beach, it is lined with a… Continue reading Lessons from one of the worst-turned-best compliments of my life.

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14-day complain-free challenge

I’ve been noticing this alot lately – how quickly we are (as a society) to complain. It’s often the habitual way we start a conversation – ugh, it’s raining again, my umbrella broke, the bus was late, that driver cut me off today, I was late for work – my alarm didn’t go off, my cell phone service sucks, my co-worker did…, it’s monday… Continue reading 14-day complain-free challenge

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My email inboxes are on steriods! Help!

I was thinking back when dial up internet was an amazing new thing – remember that god awful noise that would signal you were ‘connecting’? You would sit there in suspence as to whether you were actually going to establish a connection or if someone in the house would pick up the phone to make a call (not knowing you were trying to connect to the… Continue reading My email inboxes are on steriods! Help!

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New Years Resolutions = Epic Fail?

The stats are in  – 25% of new years resolutions are broken within the first week and 35% don’t make it past the first month. A little discouraging I’d say….. I’m really curious to hear why you think that is and I will share my two cents on it. While I think the idea of new years resolutions… Continue reading New Years Resolutions = Epic Fail?