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$300mil and 5 years, what would you do?

Here’s a fun little exercise that a friend and I challenged each other to do a while ago that helped get us out of our current head space and into a hyper-motivated creative space; we called it playing with possibility. It’s only one of many exercises in the whole life-design process (and there are many versions). Ultimately it’s kind of like creating a bucket… Continue reading $300mil and 5 years, what would you do?

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Who am I becoming? Reflecting on co-presenting w/ @Matt_Corker at the UBC SLC

Last weekend the most amazing partner in crime, Matt Corker, and I presented two workshops at the UBC Student Leadership Conference on “Getting out of your own way”.  It was a new experience for both of us – I had never presented at the SLC before (let alone with a remote teammate) and Matt had never presented digitally (which… Continue reading Who am I becoming? Reflecting on co-presenting w/ @Matt_Corker at the UBC SLC

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Putting out the vibes, which do you choose?

Travelling gives you such an incredible opportunity to take a step out of the details of your day to day life and really look in on your circumstances from a far. It gave me a chance to take a much needed time out and re-evaluate my priorities and values. I was able to look at all of my relationships… Continue reading Putting out the vibes, which do you choose?

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What price have you paid?

I recently read this blog post by Chris Flett (GhostCEO and successful entrepreneur) where he talks about the price he paid to get what he wanted and where he wanted to be. He finishes with… “Have you paid the price for what you want to do? If so, what was the price? If not, what’s holding you back?”   This resonated with… Continue reading What price have you paid?

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Should goals be HARD not SMART?

For years I’ve been taught (in highschool, university and in the workplace) that setting SMART goals is the best way – goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. While I agree that yes, goals should be Specific, Measurable and Timely…are the Achievable and Realistic actually parts holding us back??? I recently read a study done by the Leadership IQ Consultancy where… Continue reading Should goals be HARD not SMART?

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New Years Resolutions = Epic Fail?

The stats are in  – 25% of new years resolutions are broken within the first week and 35% don’t make it past the first month. A little discouraging I’d say….. I’m really curious to hear why you think that is and I will share my two cents on it. While I think the idea of new years resolutions… Continue reading New Years Resolutions = Epic Fail?