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14-day complain-free challenge

I’ve been noticing this alot lately – how quickly we are (as a society) to complain. It’s often the habitual way we start a conversation – ugh, it’s raining again, my umbrella broke, the bus was late, that driver cut me off today, I was late for work – my alarm didn’t go off, my cell phone service sucks, my co-worker did…, it’s monday… Continue reading 14-day complain-free challenge

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New Years Resolutions = Epic Fail?

The stats are in  – 25% of new years resolutions are broken within the first week and 35% don’t make it past the first month. A little discouraging I’d say….. I’m really curious to hear why you think that is and I will share my two cents on it. While I think the idea of new years resolutions… Continue reading New Years Resolutions = Epic Fail?