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To all the “Dad’s” in my life, thank you.

Every father’s day I think about my life with many “dad-types”. I grew up not knowing my biological father, however, I have never looked at my situation as a disadvantage (no pitty party here!). In fact, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been surrounded by such amazing role models and strong “father figures” growing up. There have… Continue reading To all the “Dad’s” in my life, thank you.

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Thursday’s with Alice

Every thursday at 6pm I get really excited. No matter how tired I am that day or how rainy it is outside, at 6pm every thursday, all things crummy fade away. Why? Because I get to head to the gym to train one of my most favorite clients, Alice. While we both admittedly drag ourselves  into… Continue reading Thursday’s with Alice

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What great managers do differently.

Have you ever worked for a manager where you didn’t feel that your strengths were being recognized or used? or that your opinion didn’t matter that much? or maybe you felt that you were placed in a box and judged based on what you had accomplished in the past and not what you have the potential to create in the future? I’ve worked… Continue reading What great managers do differently.

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Do you have a Duchenne smile?

Have you ever seen someone and right away couldn’t help but notice how fantastic their smile was? Their whole face warmed up as they portrayed a genuine spontaneous emotion, like happiness or joy. You don’t know what it is but you felt that they were honest and trustworthy –> All of that from just one smile!!  Now think of a time when you saw someone smile who had more… Continue reading Do you have a Duchenne smile?