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28 learning’s for 28 years

  This has been one heck of year full of world travel, meaningful connection, heart ache, super highs, super lows, witnessing extreme poverty and also extreme wealth, new friends, a lotta laughs and face-hurting smiles. It was year of learning through contrasts of all sorts and as my 28th birthday approached (and recently passed), I… Continue reading 28 learning’s for 28 years

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Do you have a Duchenne smile?

Have you ever seen someone and right away couldn’t help but notice how fantastic their smile was? Their whole face warmed up as they portrayed a genuine spontaneous emotion, like happiness or joy. You don’t know what it is but you felt that they were honest and trustworthy –> All of that from just one smile!!  Now think of a time when you saw someone smile who had more… Continue reading Do you have a Duchenne smile?