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Being a Soft AND Solid Woman

There’s something about being both a Soft AND Solid woman that I couldn’t comprehend until I experienced the limitations of being too much of either, and the impact it had on both how I show up and on how I bring into my life what I want and deserve. And until I let myself fall… Continue reading Being a Soft AND Solid Woman

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6 Lessons from a Thai Monk + controlling the Monkey Mind

Don’t say a word and control your thoughts. Ready? Go. When I was in Northern Thailand, the opportunity to go on a silent meditation retreat pretty much fell on my lap. I had wanted to go on one for so long so I jumped on it! Together, a group of around 12 of us from around… Continue reading 6 Lessons from a Thai Monk + controlling the Monkey Mind

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Deepak Chopra on Becoming a Leader

Came across an article yesterday from one of the greats – Deepak Chopra – where he shares his wisdom on what a leader is, who becomes one and how to become one. It was too good not to share! “A great leader is an agent of change who has clarity of visions and knows how… Continue reading Deepak Chopra on Becoming a Leader

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Thursday’s with Alice

Every thursday at 6pm I get really excited. No matter how tired I am that day or how rainy it is outside, at 6pm every thursday, all things crummy fade away. Why? Because I get to head to the gym to train one of my most favorite clients, Alice. While we both admittedly drag ourselves  into… Continue reading Thursday’s with Alice