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Should goals be HARD not SMART?

For years I’ve been taught (in highschool, university and in the workplace) that setting SMART goals is the best way – goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. While I agree that yes, goals should be Specific, Measurable and Timely…are the Achievable and Realistic actually parts holding us back??? I recently read a study done by the Leadership IQ Consultancy where… Continue reading Should goals be HARD not SMART?

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Lessons from one of the worst-turned-best compliments of my life.

I had a chance this weekend to reflect on my backpacking travels in SE Asia and a few of the many lessons I learned. I want to share two that I learned while in Bali on Kuta beach that have greatly impacted my life since and perhaps might impact yours. For those that have never been to Kuta Beach, it is lined with a… Continue reading Lessons from one of the worst-turned-best compliments of my life.

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14-day complain-free challenge

I’ve been noticing this alot lately – how quickly we are (as a society) to complain. It’s often the habitual way we start a conversation – ugh, it’s raining again, my umbrella broke, the bus was late, that driver cut me off today, I was late for work – my alarm didn’t go off, my cell phone service sucks, my co-worker did…, it’s monday… Continue reading 14-day complain-free challenge

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My email inboxes are on steriods! Help!

I was thinking back when dial up internet was an amazing new thing – remember that god awful noise that would signal you were ‘connecting’? You would sit there in suspence as to whether you were actually going to establish a connection or if someone in the house would pick up the phone to make a call (not knowing you were trying to connect to the… Continue reading My email inboxes are on steriods! Help!

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New Years Resolutions = Epic Fail?

The stats are in  – 25% of new years resolutions are broken within the first week and 35% don’t make it past the first month. A little discouraging I’d say….. I’m really curious to hear why you think that is and I will share my two cents on it. While I think the idea of new years resolutions… Continue reading New Years Resolutions = Epic Fail?

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Social Media Unplugged

Who wakes up at 6:30am on a saturday to go sit in a dim lit room with 300 other people? I do apparently. I’m talking about the Social Media Marketing Conference I attended last Saturday. Although it was early, the conference was great, the speakers and crowd were great, and I learned alot so it was well worth the early morning wake up call. Here are… Continue reading Social Media Unplugged