From growing up in a little hippy town…

To playing volleyball at the highest collegiate level in both the US and CanadaSpeaking at MV 2

To completely burning out at 18 – mentally, physically, emotionally

To finding myself in the recovery process

To sorting through my addiction to perfectionism (and living as a recovering perfectionist)

To launching my first business at 22 then giving it away to go travelling

To stints in the corporate world during a merger/acquisition that would form one of Canada’s largest companies

To being an alpha female to the world, an introvert at heart, with a desire to re-connect with my more feminine side…’soft and solid’ is my chosen way of being.

To wearing ‘independent’ as a badge of honour…until I decided to let myself go all in with love

To travelling the world working/living in 10+ countries

To living in Malaysia helping to launch the first online platform for transformational education (read: all the important stuff school fails to teach us)(www.themindvalleyacademy.com) 

To working with multiple start-ups (both online and offline)

To meditating with monks in Thailand

To moving every 6months for five years

To working with one of Richard Branson’s mentees

To helping to raise the emotional intelligence of leaders around the world


I speak from the heart and have stories to tell…I’d love for you to find yourself in one of them…

Interested in having me speak at your event? Please send your inquiry along with event details using the form below:

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