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Being a Soft AND Solid Woman

There’s something about being both a Soft AND Solid woman that I couldn’t comprehend until I experienced the limitations of being too much of either, and the impact it had on both how I show up and on how I bring into my life what I want and deserve. And until I let myself fall… Continue reading Being a Soft AND Solid Woman

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Change: It’s a love/hate relationship (but mostly love)

Change/a transition/starting something new/taking a leap can often bring out a side of us that can be foreign to who we think we are. We may fumble, feel unsure, unclear, overwhelmed, scattered (maybe leave the remote in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard…just me? As in, I’m the only one who still uses a… Continue reading Change: It’s a love/hate relationship (but mostly love)

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28 learning’s for 28 years

  This has been one heck of year full of world travel, meaningful connection, heart ache, super highs, super lows, witnessing extreme poverty and also extreme wealth, new friends, a lotta laughs and face-hurting smiles. It was year of learning through contrasts of all sorts and as my 28th birthday approached (and recently passed), I… Continue reading 28 learning’s for 28 years

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We all smile in the same language: Illustrated through an almost total face plant

I’ve had the absolute privilege of learning about and experiencing a number of different cultures during my travels over the last few months and a few years ago as well. Even in the company I am currently working at, Mindvalley in Malaysia, there are 35+ countries represented in the office alone! While I love learning about the differences between cultures, I equally love observing and… Continue reading We all smile in the same language: Illustrated through an almost total face plant

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Yes, change is scary, BUT…

Although I’m no stranger to new cities, new schools, and new situations – I attended 3 different schools growing up, moved to Texas in my first year of university, to Vancouver in my second year of university, backpacked SE Asia in 2009, moved to Victoria for grad school, am now living in Malaysia for the summer etc. etc. – change… Continue reading Yes, change is scary, BUT…

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India, Dubai, Malaysia, oh my!

12 months ago if you would have asked me where I would be spending the spring/summer months this year, no way I would have said India, Dubai and Malaysia, but keeping an open mind has led to some interesting opportunities and I am estatic about what’s coming up…when it feels right you just gotta run with it… #1 India Half my… Continue reading India, Dubai, Malaysia, oh my!

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27 learnings for 27 years

Being offiicially 27 years into my journey, I found myself reflecting on the people, situations and experiences that have left the biggest footprint on me and that have influenced how I approach and view, well, life. I share this list of learnings with the simple hope that you might think about some of the biggest moments and lessons that have shaped who you… Continue reading 27 learnings for 27 years